Set Up
The following items are to be supplied by the CLIENT for set up at least one hour prior to
the performance:
OPTION #1: One four-foot, skirted, round or square table.
OPTION #2: One six-foot or eight-foot, skirted, schoolroom table.
NOTE: These tables will be for the EXCLUSIVE use of Jon Stetson and his materials.
Four chairs.
One flip chart with easel and markers.
Two empty drinking glasses.
Four bottled waters.
At least one set of stairs from audience to stage.
If audience size exceeds 80 people – It is recommended that there be a riser at least
12 feet deep, 20 feet long, and one foot high.
If the audience exceeds 350 people – The stage dimensions should remain the same,
but the riser should be two feet high.
If the stage is to be shared with a band – Please call to discuss.
One wireless lavaliere microphone.
One wireless hand-held microphone with stand. Stand should have round base, if
Spare audio channel for remote-controlled music system (provided by artist), with a
dedicated input and enough cable length to reach center stage.
An adapter to accommodate a standard 1/8” jack (iPad).
Music: Jon Stetson will operate his own music with an Audio Ape controller and iPad
and will position it onstage on performer’s table.
No special lighting is needed if the stage is easily viewed with the house lights up.
However, if it is a dark room, a general stage wash is suggested. No spotlight is needed.
To ensure the most intimate show, the banquet tables should be set up as close to the
stage as possible.
Please Call to Discuss:
If there is going to be a dance floor in front of the stage.
If the performance is going to be outdoors.