But more often, people can’t stop talking about him. And to prove it, here are just some of the rave reviews from actual clients that Jon has inspired over the years.


“Jon Stetson is a dangerous man. I wish I had his skill set.”

– Warren Buffett



“The dinner was a smashing success! Frankly, the entertainment by Jon Stetson was the highlight of the conference. He really connected with the group and as a result he received a standing ovation at the end of his performance. I would highly recommend him to any organization. ”





“Jon Stetson is amazing in more ways than one. He’s always been right on the mark—for a variety of clients. His work is fascinating, his humor has just the right touch, and his professionalism is world-class. If the stock market were as dependable as Jon Stetson, we’d all be millionaires. At least in the corporate events world we have the reliable Jon Stetson. He’ll do a great job for you, and that you can take to the bank! ”

Executive Director, Strategy/Worldwide

The George P. Johnson Company



“Our Clients continue to rave of your awesome talent. How do you do it?”

-Fidelity Investments




“Bravo you top yourself each time we have had you! We believe in Jon Stetson.”

-Hewlett Packard



“Incredible! You always know what we’re thinking. Our people love you.”

-RSA Security


“Jon was absolutely phenomenal! Very engaging, entertaining. The group was just in awe of him and still talking about what an amazing time they had. Highly recommend him!”
–Mercy Hospital


“Jon had to entertain across all levels of this corporation from the CEO to the factory worker and everything in between. They all loved himIPS is essentially an engineering company with the analytical thinking you would expect.  Just when one of the engineers thought he may have figured out one ‘mind game’, Jon would do something else to cause the look of astonishment. .”
–Invensys Process System


“Excellent presentation. Funny and simply Amazing! How does he do that?”
–Persons Banking Company
–Union Central Life Insurance


“Jon Stetson did a phenomenal job! Our audience really loved him and responded very well to him. His performance was a nice change of pace from the standard magician/juggler/etc. that we’ve had in the past.”
–NC Retail Merchants Association


“Jon was absolutely amazing!! We are all still speechless. Honestly, he was a just phenomenal! People are still talking about him and are in awe of him. He was funny, engaging and just all around wonderful. He is truly a rockstar!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
–Mercy Healthcare

“When you have 300+ people attend an event, you rarely make them all happy, but in this case all I’ve heard is how much everyone enjoyed your show. This was a great opening to our semi-annual event and provided a real wake up call for the entire team. Your show set the tone for the meeting and that really helped make the overall event a success.”


Sr. Vice President, Systems Development





“Wow…you were the best I have ever seen…thank you for making our awards evening a truly unforgettable experience…the way you were able to connect with everyone in attendance was astounding…we will see you again very soon.”





We have had speakers. We have had entertainers. But we had seen nothing…until we had Jon Stetson!”




Jon Stetson Wowed us. He pointed at our associates and revealed fun fact about all us. Simply amazing. He left us wanting more!


U.S. Venture Partners



“You were amazing. We gave you two standing ovations and we are a tough group to please!”

Ohio Bankers Association



“The Best program we have ever had”

-VP Titleist




“Great job…you are amazing. Our company loved your presentation…we will be talking about you for a long time. I’m glad I didn’t have you in my head when I was playing Football!”


Roger Staubach

The Staubach Company



“Thank you…thank you for being part of the San Diego Great Idea Conference and for doing your part to make it a fabulous success.


You are nothing short of great. Your style is so calm and engaging when staff or attendees interact with you one-on-one. Your style on stage is energetic, exciting, enthralling, spellbinding humor and just all around unbelievably great. Who could ask for more? A perfect fit for the meeting.”





“We can’t decide what it is you do best. Some say you’re a great mind reader. Some say you’re a great comedian and others say you’re an incredible entertainer. What I do know for certain is that you amazed and entertained us completely and we are a tough crowd to please.”


Managing Partner

New York Life





“Jon Stetson you are a remarkable man. Your ability to read our minds as you make us laugh is astounding. Your meeting with our planning group was time well spent in preparation. The night of the event, your reading of the audience and orchestration of the program helped us accomplish our goal: to ensure that people work together, get to know each other and, above all, have fun. Your professionalism pulled it off for us in grand style.”


Vice President

Fidelity Investments



“Jon Stetson brought the group together with an amazing combination of skill, thought reading and comedy. His people skills are outstanding,a few of our people may have been initially   hesitant about coming up to the front of the group, but he made them feel comfortable about it and never embarrassed anyone. We are still wondering how he does what he does. I’ve planned these events for this group for six years now, and have received more positive feedback from this one event than for all the others combined. ”







“As Manager of the Project Office and Global Support Center, the task of attempting to keep up the momentum of a successful meeting by engaging a guest speaker isn’t the easiest of assignments. I am pleased to say that Jon Stetson was not only engaging, but fascinating as well.



Jon made a lasting impression on our team; in fact, they are still trying to figure out how he knew just what we were thinking. He had a unique way of bringing our team closer together, while keeping it on a professional level. I would highly recommend Jon without reservation, for any corporate function.”


Manager, Project Office & Global Support







Wow…Jon was the best ever …he made our conference and evening a truly unforgettable experience. Jon was able to connect with everyone in attendance which made them the real stars of the show. He was astounding. His style is so engaging with attendees, interacting with him one-on-one. He amazes them with information they didn’t even know about themselves. His style on stage is energetic, exciting, enthralling, spellbinding, funny and just all around unbelievably great. He was a

perfect fit for the meeting, so much so that, we are having him back again!








“I couldn’t be more pleased after having you as our guest speaker at RossWorld conference in


Atlanta…I was amazed, even though I had watched your promotional DVD and mostly knew


what to expect. I still watched your performance with excitement. It was so wonderful to watch how you handled the audience and how they responded to you. You are truly a star.


But what blew me away was your performance on a personal level. It is so rare to work with a guest speaker or performer who is so approachable and such a joy to be around. When you agreed to also attend our evening function, you really seemed to be having a good time, and that positive energy transferred to our guests. It was apparent that the audience really connected with you, as people just ambled up and started conversations as if you were an old friend, not a stranger they had just seen on the stage for an hour that morning.


‘Excellent session…best keynote I have attended!’ ‘Wow, how did he do that?’


Thank you again for wowing my attendees, making me look great, and just being such a nice person to work with. I can’t wait until next time (yes, there will be a next time)!”







“Jon Stetson is awesome! He read our minds, made us laugh and brought hundreds of people to our trade show theater. We met our contact and lead goals for the show and are now convinced that your entertainment was essential in increasing our booth traffic.”




Marketing Programs Manager





“Thank you for the fantastic performance at the GuideOne National Convention in Bermuda.


Your performance at our Top Star Awards ceremony was absolutely superb. You created a perfect setting for an exciting and professional performance—just like we were looking for.


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to get to know our company and group and to be able to perform accordingly. Our executives and agents were extremely pleased with your entertainment and received compliments regarding your performance. You assisted in making this evening a memorable and huge success.



‘I laughed until I cried…I need to see that again!’


Your attitude, enthusiasm and service orientation represent the true value you brought to GuideOne and this program. Your can-do approach really made a difference. The success of our event would not have been achieved without your expertise.”


Corporate Meeting Planning Manager





“It’s always a pleasure to have you perform, and we very much look forward to seeing you again at our holiday party in December. In fact, we will be hard pressed not to have you entertain us at any future corporate function. (At least until we figure out how you do that

‘book’ thing!) Thank you again for another fantastic evening.


Operations Manager

Nautic Partners, LLC


“Starting the meeting off with your fantastic comedy and mind reading was the perfect way to engage and energize our weary employees after a grueling day in our crazy office. Have you ever considered 9-5 corporate mingling? We happen to have an opening!”


Human Resource Director

Kessler Financial Services





“What a fantastic and wildly entertaining performance and seminar. You were unbelievable!

we can’t wait to see what you are going to do for us next year.”

Seminar Coordinator









“You helped generate a lot of interest in our quality products, over the years. You’re a high- caliber professional, And an amazing talent. Your contributions to our success are sincerely appreciated.”




GMC Truck



“My personal thanks for a great job. While we had a very successful meeting, your Mind Reading show was the part of the event everyone was talking about. The hour you spent with us did more to help us build our relationships with our clients than fifty business meetings would have. I feel we should give you a commission on all the business we’re going to do with those clients over the next year!”


Director, Product Marketing

Performix Technologies




I can’t express to you enough our appreciation for the amazing performance you gave to our Board Members, Physicians, Sisters and guests during our retreat.


Jon Stetson you are truly an extraordinary performer! We are all still in awe of your talent and so fascinated with you. You have no idea! Honestly, I think the sister’s had the best time ever. You were absolutely phenomenal in engaging our group. That in itself is a milestone. We are still trying to figure out how you do it! Your warmth and intriguing humor were just the icing on the cake.


We feel so blessed to have had you join us. Thank you so much! Mercy Health




“We never guessed how universally amazing you would be for our staff and our clients! Adding you to the agenda was the icing on the cake in what has been recorded as a very successful conference for our company. Your ability to intuit and set the stage provided our conference attendees with a unique and what we know will be a frequently remembered performance. Thanks again for gracing our event and bringing with you your delightful wit, talent and charm. ”


Alabanza Corporation





“Jon is awesome! But one word cannot describe the magnificent, magical, fun-filled night that he provided to associates at our annual event. His humor, wit and genuine warmth won them over and had them reeling for more.”


Managing Director




“We were just reviewing photos of your performance at our meeting, and what we saw was a relaxed group of professionals truly enjoying themselves. Your ability to burlesque the unique behaviors of audience members without having any prior knowledge of them was stunning.



The Health Care Group




“As a meeting planner for over 25 years, I’m always on the look out for good entertainment. I’ve never been as thrilled about my choice as I was last Thursday night. You are awesome! Booking your act should be a no-brainer for all meeting planners.”


Assistant Executive Director


Massachusetts Society of


Certified Public Accountants







“It goes without saying, that you are an amazing man with an incredible skill set. I especially appreciated the fact that you knew how to approach each person differently—and who not to approach at all. Guests came to me raving about how great you were—just what the host of an ‘ice breaker’ wants to hear!”




Public Relations Manager


Omnipoint Communications


“My experience is that it’s not all that difficult to be entertaining. And it’s not that difficult to be informative. What is truly difficult is to be informative and entertaining at the same time, and that’s what you did so well for our client, Dunkin’ Donuts.”



Creative Director






“One of the best trade show presenters I have ever worked with. . .If you are in need of a presenter who can draw and hold a crowd, aid in the sale or promotion of your product or service, and who is professional, flexible and entertaining, Jon Stetson is a perfect match.”


Trade show and Event Manager




“The HP team considered you to be a critical factor in achieving its objectives for the event—I

know sales reps are still talking about you! We’ve done two events together and I consider you to be a ‘shoe in’ for any environment due to your extraordinary talents.”


Marketing Manager

Hewlett Packard Major Account Team






“Thank you for providing us with the ‘best event ever.’ Doing eighteen shows in three different shifts over a week’s time must have been a marathon for you, but every performance was always great. Countless associates have approached me asking, ‘How’d he do that?’ You most certainly made my job easier.”




Executive Assistant

Acushnet Company





“Jon is a remarkable talent, combining motivation, entertainment and mind-blowing mentalism. As important, he is always energetic, accommodating and in every regard, a true professional. His reviews are always the same…simply phenomenal. He really knows how to work the room and adapt and cater to his audience. Jon’s performance has enhanced every event and I recommend him highly.”




Vice President, Marketing Management


Anthem Blue Cross




“Thank you for making me look like the proverbial hero. Your Mind Reading and repartee were a huge hit, the bet we ever had, and as many people pointed out, you achieved this end

result without ever crossing the line of good taste. I’d have no hesitation recommending you. The pleasure was all ours!”




Executive Director


International Packaged Concrete


Manufacturers Association









“Starting the meeting off with your fantastic comedy and mind reading was the perfect way to engage and energize our weary employees after a grueling day in our crazy office. Have you ever considered 9-5 corporate mingling? We happen to have an opening!”




Human Resource Director


Kessler Financial Services









“What a fantastic and wildly entertaining performance and seminar. You were unbelievable!

we can’t wait to see what you are going to do for us next year.”




Seminar Coordinator










“The night of the reception, I heard so many people say, ‘Did you see what that guy just did?’ He knew what I was thinking ! There is no way he could have known that. And ‘Where did you find this guy?’ The great buzz continued for days. What more could I ask?”








Thanks to you, I am basking in the glory of an extremely successful evening. You are a very talented individual and I am glad to have had the pleasure of saying I hired you.


P.S. That card left my hand, didn’t it?” Assistant to the Managing Director

Deloitte & Touche Consulting



















“Thank you for a most entertaining evening. Your card is now the first on my rolodex!”






MCT Telecom








“So often, the audience gets lost as sales meetings progress. But your participation

eliminated this potential at our sales meeting. You created an alert and interested audience. I

leave you with the comment of the day: ‘How did he do that?’ Great job, Jon!”





“We were most pleased with your performance, your adaptation to our special needs, your humor and personality. You are a prodigious and prestigious prestidigitator!”




President, Doctor of Osteopathy


New England Osteopathic Association








“Jon’s incredible performance kept us laughing while creating a team environment that was so important to the success of this management meeting. I’d be proud to recommend Jon Stetson to all of my colleagues.”




Executive Administrative Assistant


Advanced Rehab Systems, Inc.








“ Jon Stetson, you are the best. Thank you for your patience, flexibility and input during our on-site rehearsals. You were invaluable and your performance was absolutely astounding!”




Production Coordinator


Directions, Inc.








“We were so pleased with your performance at our company holiday dinner. Your amusing (and appropriate) interaction with the audience, your mystifying mind reading, and your hilarious jokes met all of my expectations—and more.”




Boothroyd Dewhurst








“You were truly able to tailor your show, relate to a group of young professionals, and instill the motivation we were looking for to make our kick-off event a success. Our group still can’t get over how Jon Stetson read their minds”




Human Resources/Recruiting Officer


Arthur Andersen








“What a wonderful job you did as our master of ceremonies! Your Amazing talent made the evening the wonderful success that it was. I think only one thing I’d do next time is ask you to pull a ‘Billy Crystal’ and ride in on a horse!”




Director of Human Resources




  1. Could you read the horses mind?






“Inconceivable! We stood and we cheered. We particularly appreciated your flexibility. You did a great job of involving everyone, and your read individuals and the crowd perfectly—as if you knew each of them well.”






ABN-AMRO Financial Services, Inc.




“We were so awed by your performance that we can’t wait to see you again. We’re trying to schedule a holiday event!”






International Union of Operating Engineers








“What Great way to open our program. Jon was Funny, witty, entertaining. He kept our attendees attention and challenged their usual view of the world. His engaging program provided motivating, thought provoking food for thought! Absolutely fantastic!”




Print Services & Distribution Association








“Thanks for adding such a wonderful and positive experience to so many of our peoples lives! Jon Stetson, you are a treasure!”
















“Jon Stetson is a superb Mind Reader and a very funny guy. He did not pay me to say that. In fact, I paid him.”




Vice President


McCann-Erikson North America






Jon Stetson is a Master Mentalist. I found your show more amazing than anything I’ve seen in Vegas. Our peopled Loved you and are still raving over your program months later. I would recommend you to anyone.”




Customer Service Manager












“We Love Jon Stetson!


From the CEO on down, everyone here believes in you. You generated tons of qualified sales leads while keeping everyone entertained. And darn it, how the heck did you know the name of my dog?”




Director of Marketing Communications


Extreme Networks








“Are you the devil? No, certainly someone as kind, gracious and superbly talented as yourself could not be Lucifer. Although after seeing several of your numbers, I wonder…”




Event Analyst


Andersen Consulting










“These were corporate training sessions with real content. But you brought them to life in an engaging and memorable way—a real win-win experience for everyone. Thank you for making us look good!”


















“You truly kept our clients spellbound! I have to give you all credit for this being one of the most successful shows we’ve ever had. We were also very excited to see your picture (and our booth) on the front page of the conference daily.”




Marketing Services Manager














“Jon Stetson made our show smash success.Thanks to his ability to adapt his show around features we wanted to promote at our booth, bystanders were motivated to ask for more information on our products and services. His efforts directly resulted in a high show turn-out and valuable new customer leads.”






Deutsche Telekom








“You are Amazing! You deliver what you promised and, so much more. We significantly increased traffic, interest and recognition of our company at the Boston Seafood show. FYI—a few days ago, I was at another conference, and I overheard a couple of suppliers talking about our booth, and they wanted to hire you away from us.”




Mar-Lees Seafood, Inc.