Keynote Presentation


“You are nothing short of great. Your style is so calm and engaging when staff or attendees interact with you one-on-one. Your style on stage is energetic, exciting, enthralling, spellbinding humor and just all around unbelievably great. Who could ask for more? A perfect fit for the meeting.”  – ASAE


Jon Stetson’s Speaking Programs are specially designed to maximize your event’s top two requirements—return on investment and return on objective.

Invest in your Intuition –

Jon Stetson invites you to unleash your intuition!

An Exciting fast paced program where participant’s learn to live there own potential through a fascinating series of entertaining “Mind Hacks.” Jon delivers a skill set guaranteed to enhance the quality of attendees professional and personal lives.

The Power Engagement –

How to be a more effective communicator.

Jon Stetson will expose his secrets that will teach attendees to, connect with others, forge alliances, increase understanding, explore options, resolve difficulties, create plans, establish milestones, anticipate success, and strengthen relationships.

The Mentalist’s Mega Memory Method –

Your group will be laughing so much they won’t realize how much they are learning until they walk out of the room with their memories on fire! Everyone’s confidence is going to skyrocket when they begin to tap into the greatest computer ever created (the human mind) and they begin to realize their own potential because of this exciting memory training!




S T E T S O N    P R O G R A M S